Coffee: Delicious Coffee Recipes for Coffee, Cappuccino, Mocha


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***Limited Time Offer: Free Bonus Inside*** Many of us love the energized feeling we get when we sip our warm coffee in the morning, opening our senses of taste and smell helping to awaken us to the day ahead. Just as we are all unique individuals this also flows into the way in which we prefer to take our coffee. In this book we share with you many recipes on ways to enjoy your coffee. Why not be a bit adventurous and try some of these new recipes instead of sticking with your black coffee. Sometimes it can be fun trying something new and different, but you won’t know until you try! You could give yourself a fun challenge and work your way through all the coffee recipes offered in this book! You may find a few more favorite ways to enjoy your wonderful brew—coffee! In this book you’ll learn things like…

  • How to make your regular coffee taste better
  • Various Cappuccino Recipes
  • Different coffee recipes around the world
  • Coffee smoothies and shakes recipes
  • Some sweet & delicious treat recipes to go along with your coffee
  • Much, much more!

See What Others Have Said Already… “If you are a coffee fiend like me, This book is for you, Trust me!” (Brian S. – Suffern, NY) “I used to be a Starbucks girl whom always went to there to have my regular grande iced caramel macchiato. However after reading this book I hardly go to Starbucks anymore because my fresh brewed coffee tastes much better. If you like coffee than this book is a must for you” (Judy M. – Atlanta, GA)


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