How to Make Coffee: Coffee beans, roasting coffee, espresso, iced coffee, other coffee


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Real coffee is so popular these days that you can find it on just about every street corner. There is no doubt that we have some fantastic cafes that really add to our lives. It is therefore unfortunate that most of us end up drinking the instant stuff when we get home. If you want to have that real coffee experience at home then this book is for you. You get real tips on how to select coffee, where to buy it and how to prepare it. If you want to enjoy gourmet coffee at home then look no further. How to make coffee gives the genuine benefits of making real coffee at home. It explains where coffee is produced and how the origin and processing of the beans can contribute to the unique flavors of different coffees. The book details all of the equipment that you need to make great tasting coffee and how you can enhance your experience by buying and using machines such as coffee grinders and roasters. The differences between the various methods of preparing coffee are detailed as well as how to determine what is best for you. There are a number of different coffee recipes given including all of those for the ones that you would see at your local coffee bar. There are also recipes for other coffee ideas such as those with alcohol and iced coffee. Get this book and enhance your life with real coffee. Contents: Introduction Where Does Coffee Come From? Coffee Beans The Best Way to Buy Coffee Beans Coffee Beans for Espresso Fair Trade Coffee Beans Grinding Coffee Beans Roasting Beans at Home Espresso Coffee How to Make Coffee Using the French Press Method How to use a Filter Coffee Machine Making Stove Top Coffee Flavored Coffee Beans Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Coffee Recipes Alcoholic Coffee Recipes Iced Coffee Iced Coffee Recipes Coffee and Health Conclusion About the Author


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