Primula 4 Cup Classic Coffee Press, Chrome


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At Primula, we create items by exploring how people prepare beverages in different cultures, and work to understand the experience and ritual behind these preparations. Identifying why people love different and unique beverages is the first step in our creative process, our products are designed to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our 4-Cup Classic Coffee Press is finely crafted with high quality materials including temperature-safe borosilicate glass, a stainless steel fine-mesh filter and a stay cool handle and knob. Preparation is so simple, you’ll be enjoying smooth, strong coffee in minutes, sure to impress yourself with your Barista skills. At Primula, something extraordinary is brewing.


  • FRENCH PRESS: Simple and fast, the French Press is arguably the most iconic way to brew coffee, and with good reason. It produces strong, rich cups of coffee, and can be done anywhere from your dining table to your office desk with little to no preparation. Our Classic Coffee Press provides efficient functionality and the delicious coffee of a French Press at an extremely affordable price.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Crafted from temperature safe borosilicate glass. A stainless steel filter keeps grounds out of your coffee and doesn’t hold or alter flavor in any way. Our 4-Cup Classic Coffee Press is the perfect tool for brewing decadently smooth, strong cups of coffee. Plus, the heat resistant knob and handle keep your hand comfortable during use. The precisely fitted lid allows for clean, even pours. It’s easy to use, easy to store, and once you’re done, easy to clean.
  • EASY STORAGE: Make a full pot and save it for later to enjoy delicious iced coffee as it conveniently fits in most refrigerator doors!
  • USE AND CARE: To use, remove the plunger and add 1 Tbsp. of coarsely ground coffee for every 4 oz. cup. Add hot water and stir gently with a plastic spoon. Place the plunger back into the beaker with the plunger in the up position. Allow coffee to brew for at least 4 minutes or to your desired taste. Finally, grip the handle, turn the spout away from you, and press the plunger down slowly and carefully. To clean, remove the plunger, rinse out the remaining coffee, and wash with warm, soapy water. Rinse once again, and allow it to dry. Dishwasher safe.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes (1) 16 oz. Primula 4-Cup Classic Coffee Press with a black handle and knob accompanied by a chrome lid and accents.